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The key issues involved in a good translation

Every translation has a goal of providing a link between the original text (source language) and the final transcription (target language). The professional translator has to have all of the subtleties of  the source language mastered to be able to reproduce the cultural or technical context  in the target language for the reader. ViaVerbia Luxembourg provides certified translators that are native speakers of the target language to ensure this goal is reached.

Translations offered by ViaVerbia Luxembourg:

Technical translations

User manuals, instruction manuals, product sheets, etc.

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Legal translations

Articles of association, contracts, judgments, licences, etc.

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Medical translations

Reports, medical devices, pharmaceutical translations, etc.

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Financial translations

Financial statements, audit reports, annual reports, etc.

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Business translations

Cosmetics, marketing & advertising, food industry, etc.

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Fast translations

Translations with very short delivery times

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Certified translations

International calls for tenders, driving licences, visas, and documents intended for government authorities, etc.

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Website translations

E-commerce, mobile applications, SEO translations, etc.

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