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With the priority service we can have your professional translation to you in just a few hours.

ViaVerbia Luxembourg has more than 12,000 clients that have already chosen this incredibly competitive and very easy-to-use option.

If you would like to request a quote, use our online form. Once we confirm your order, your professional translation into the chosen language will then be sent to you by email.

We provide fast translation services for your documents into Spanish, German, English, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese or one of the other various languages ViaVerbia Luxembourg can adequately handle. Each of our professional translators work "live" applying new technologies. Sending us your file in Word, Excel or PowerPoint format will allow us to send it back to you in the original layout, with translations in place.

AlphaSearch is our selection software that allows us to pinpoint the best certified translator to manage your urgent documents, as well as meet your deadline. We are able to successfully select the best suited translator based upon any previous translation work ViaVerbia Luxembourg has completed for you, as well as the area of expertise and language combination. Being the exclusive owner of this cutting-edge software tool allows us to reach each of our client's urgent document translation goals.

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